Product Design

Startup companies often face a “chicken and egg” dilemma. In order to attract investors, the entrepreneur must be able to demonstrate the future potential and viability of the company. Yet without an entire staff of specialists, securing the necessary capital investment can prove to be a daunting task.

A viable option is to contract the services of a generalist. Someone who has an understanding of engineering, manufacturing, purchasing and marketing to both the end customers and potential investors.

Edward Wons, the principle partner of JPC Media LLC, has demonstrated skills in all of these areas. He also has ability to function within the limited resources of a startup or small company environment.

Mr. Wons also has a strong commitment to creating living wage jobs by assisting in the development and nurturing of small and startup businesses.

Knoll/Midus System

JPC Media's principal partner Edward Wons was the co-inventor of the Knoll/MIDUS system. (Patent #6,251,076) The Knoll/MIDUS system is a medical device used to diagnose erectile dysfunction.

During company's startup phase, Mr. Wons performed the design engineering and purchasing functions. He also developed the manufacturing process documentation and quality procedures as well as the initial UroMetrics web site.

The product functioned well, was well received and profitable. Unfortunately, the product's introduction was overshadowed by the introduction of Viagra. This severely limited the market for this product.

Italian Sundaes - Novelty Ice Cream Treat

JPC Media LLC provided engineering and technical support during the startup phase of the company. The primary objective was to determine the viability of the product.Redesign concept for manufacturability.

Created mechanical drawings, Bill of Materials

Performed vendor evaluation and selection.

Created an electronic presentation, product literature and a web site.

Several units were built and the novelty ice cream treat was served commercially at a booth at the 1997 Minnesota State Fair.