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Printed Circuits From A to Z

Printed Circuits From A to Z was developed to provide an overview of the processes used to make a printed circuit board. The intended audience are new employees with no prior experience in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

This document was also used as sales tool explaining processes to customers and to highlight the company's process control efforts.

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Introduction to Operations Management

This document contains reference material for an introductory course in Operations Management.

Contents include; Inventory control and management, Process Capability, Capacity planning and the impact of changing technology.

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Auction ManualAuction Software - Users Manual

JPC Media LLC created this software to handle the accounting functions of a charity auction. The software creates a auction catalog as well as bid sheets and information for the auctioneer. At the end of the auction it generates the necessary paperwork for receipts and IRS documents.

The Users Manual covers the tasks performed in chronological order from the planning stage to final reports. The manual can be used in printed form as well as online help integrated into the software.

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Quality Process Documentation

Process documentation should cover what you are actually doing. Not:

• What you hope to do
• What you wish to do
• What you plan to do

Process documentation that:
• is not up to date
• is confusing
• is not relevant to the people who need to use it
• is not available when it is needed
• makes it difficult for users to get the information they need
is a waste of time, money and effort!

Creating Quality Process Documentation

This series of web pages will focus on the details of how to develop quality process documentation.