Video - Documentary

JPC Media has the ability to conduct research and bring together a team of people to create a documentary.

The Vulture Mine, Wickenburg, AZ.

JPC Media created a historical documentary video featuring the Vulture Mine. As part of this project, we conducted historical research on the mine based on source material from several achives.

We quickly determined, however that long time caretakers John and Marge Osborne were an important part of the living history of the mine.

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What we set out to capture the experience of be taken on a guided tour of the mine by John and to spend an afternoon sitting on the porch talking to this engaging and interesting couple.

Now that John has passed away and Marge no longer lives at the mine, we feel honored to have had opportunity to capture and preserve this slice of Americian history.

This video features an origional score written & performed by Leslie Mallery and Eclectic Blend.